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New, Ground-Breaking Meditation Technology Backed by Hundreds of Scientific Studies ...

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Gently Guides You Into Deep Meditation
and Triggers Your Brain to Release 
its Natural Feel-Good Chemicals
in Just 7 Effortless Minutes

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Discover why thousands are flocking to what experts are calling
“the most advanced self-development method known to human kind”

Here's what you will learn on this page:

How your brainwaves affect your mental state (happiness, joy, peace, stress, fear, anger, etc.) and how you can feel wonderful amidst total chaos in 420 seconds with zero effort

The little-known health breakthrough from 1924 that the American Medical Association does not want you to know about − and how you can benefit from this secret today

The scientifically proven way to release your untapped creativity ... concentrate with laser-like focus ... and increase your IQ by 23 points automatically without tedious tests, games, quizzes or flashcards

The top 2 modern-day enemies to your well-being ... how they cripple your physical and emotional health almost 24/7 ... and how you can reverse their damaging effects at the push of a button

Here is what listen

Why your attempts to achieve fulfillment and inner peace have fallen short (including meditation) and why the most effective solution just might be the simplest, easiest method you've ever tried

And much more ...

If you're like most people looking to improve yourself, your relationships, or any aspect of your life ... you've tried many things with mixed results.

The books and blogs you've read ... the self-help audio programs you've listened to ... the seminars, meditations, coaching, therapy or even walking over hot coals! ... they all have their place and purpose.

But if all these attempts to feel better, live better, and love more deeply have still not delivered the peace, joy and satisfaction you've been searching for ...

... don't worry. That's all about to change.

Right here in this enlightening, fact-laden report by the Brainwave Research UK, you're going to discover new and exciting information that will shock you, amaze you, and astonish you.

You'll see why everything you've tried is like building a skyscraper the old way ... laying one brick at a time by hand!

While others keep struggling for years, you can trigger significant positive change in weeks with ...

Real Progress in Minutes Without Effort, Struggle or Strain

Is this really possible?

Yes, it is, by using the new technology I'm going to tell you about ...

Leading-edge neuroscience (the science of the brain) that is already advancing the human race (for those fortunate enough to have found this technology) by quantum leaps.

And while this report is by no means short, don't make the mistake of filing it away. Because reading this document will change you for the better.

At some point in the next few minutes a light will flip on inside your head.

A sudden flash of insight and relief will wash over you. It's the unshakable certainty that a better, easier life is yours for the taking ...

... no matter what has failed to work in your past!

There a revolution

How do I know this?

Because it's happened to thousands of others ... and ... because the facts, the hard science, and the RESULTS you are about to see are indisputable.

These recent discoveries I'm about to share with you are unmatched by anything you've ever seen. And they can literally make your long fruitless struggle for self-improvement vanish into thin air.

Here's how it works:

Imagine pressing PLAY on your audio device and listening to soothing sounds scientifically engineered to safely propel you into a deep state of meditation that immediately begins to nourish your brain and nervous system, creating exciting positive changes in your life ...

Here how it works

Your stress, problems, worries, fears, negative thought patterns and bad habits (even addictive behaviors) start to dissipate. Much like the warm rising sun dissolves a lingering fog.

Automatically, you become more resistant to stress. What used to get under your skin now rolls off your back.

As a result, your mind is less occupied with mental anguish. Mind chatter and emotional pain disintegrate. And your capacity for for clear, focused, positive thought patterns skyrockets.

You become measurably smarter!

Why? Because new neural pathways form across both hemispheres of your brain.

You progress beyond the typical right-or-left-brain thinking of the masses. The right and left hemispheres of your brain begin to synchronize. You experience what scientists call “whole brain thinking” because your brain is now more advanced and efficient.

It's been long-believed that the brains of geniuses like Einstein and Mozart were structured this way, giving them profound creativity and insight.

You also mature mentally and emotionally.

Your business and/or academic progress flourishes.

You're more 'connected' inside yourself, and you feel more connected to the people around you.

You're more alert and aware of people's feelings and intentions. And your relationships become closer, tighter ... more loving and pleasant.

I could go on (and I will).

But it all boils down to this ...


When your brain spends less time and energy shuffling through its current cluttered, inefficient state,
your mind gains the freedom to relax and experience the pure joy of living an alert, peaceful and
productive life!

Sounds pretty simple, right?

Enjoying all the wonderful benefits and results truly IS simple.

In fact, it doesn't get any easier than this ... according to the science, it starts with just 7 effortless minutes a day.

And in order for you to grasp WHY it works so effortlessly, there are some important details you need to know.

Now let's dive in ...

The Key to Unlocking Your Hidden Powers

Look where technology has taken us. From the assembly lines of the Industrial Revolution to the powerful mobile phone computers we carry in our pockets and purses.

It's easy to see the evolution of technology as it applies to consumer products.

But not all progress is so obvious.

In recent years, a quiet evolution in human performance has been brewing.

Science and medicine have encountered accelerated breakthroughs in how our brains work − and – how to get them to work better, faster.

And it's giving every-day people like you and me ...

... an almost unfair advantage in life!

Essentially, it's like running a race against an opponent who is knee-deep in mud. Only, you're running on concrete. You have an unfair advantage, and you're going to win every time.

But let's get back down to earth ...

You've heard the estimates by experts who say we only use between 5% and 20% of our brain power, right?

Neuroscience has finally broken that barrier.

We can now effectively tap into much more of that previously dormant 80% to 95% of our brain's capabilities!

Here's where it all begins:

the Source of Our Thoughts and Emotions

Your mental states (such as happiness, depression, anger, relaxation, sleep, etc.) can be measured by patterns or frequencies (known as brainwaves) created by your brain.

For every emotion or mental state you experience, your brainwaves follow a specific frequency. These frequencies (measured in Hertz -- Hz) are grouped into five primary states, as described in the chart below:

Source of our thoughts and immotions

Here's what's really exciting ...

Scientists have discovered that we can place the brain into a state of relaxation, for example, by exposing it to an Alpha frequency (the frequency associated with relaxation).

This process is known as Brainwave Entrainment (or Training), where the brain is 'entrained' or tuned into a certain state.


By simply listening to special sounds recorded at a specific frequency, you can immerse your mind in a state of peace, focus, creativity, relaxation, or deep meditation!

You just relax and listen.

It takes about 7 minutes for your brain to 'tune in' to the desired state. Every minute thereafter (typically for 15 – 30 minutes) takes you deeper into greater feelings of pleasure, relaxation, even euphoria.

Why does this happen?

The reason you feel good is not just because you're relaxed or because you “believe” you feel good.

... You feel better because the process of Brainwave Entrainment triggers your brain to release its own natural feel-good chemicals ... Beneficial neurotransmitters and endorphins (explained below) that your brain already produces. These biochemicals are released in various combinations, depending on which of the states you enter (Alpha, Theta, or Delta).

That's why ... at the end of your meditation, you feel rejuvenated – sometimes as if you've received hours of sleep. Not only do you feel relaxed and peaceful, you're mind is also in a state of enhanced memory, creativity and super-learning.

And the benefits stay with you for hours!

In simple terms, here's what happens:

Let's say you feel stressed and anxious (your mind is in the high Beta state). So you listen to an Alpha meditation audio as you relax.

In 7 minutes, your brain goes from a Beta to Alpha. You can either stop there, or deepen the experience for several more minutes.

When finished, you're calm, alert, focused and happy for hours. Repeat daily, and the rewards stack on top of themselves and permeate throughout your life in ways you never dared to imagine!

Emotional pain and suffering shrivel away. Self-sabotage dwindles. Bad habits and addictive behaviors loosen their stranglehold on you. Fear, worry and depression fade.

The negative thoughts and patterns in your life are replaced with a sense of balance, peace, purpose, direction and power ... and ability to take charge of your life in new and positive ways.

And all you have to do is relax and listen to pleasant meditative sounds.

That's why this is the easiest, most advanced method of self-development and enlightenment available today.

Now, proof this actually works ...

Brainwave Entrainment Increases Intelligence:

For decades, doctors and scientists have been studying the effects of Brainwave Entrainment.

Dr. Siegried Othmer, an international leader in the field of neurofeedback and brainwave training conducted a study which led him to conclude that brainwave entrainment has exceptional effects on intelligence.

In his study, individuals experienced an average IQ increase of 23%.

Even more startling ...

Of those with IQs starting under 100, they experienced an average increase of 33 IQ points.

That's an average IQ increase of over 33% by using brainwave entrainment technology!

And the results extend far beyond the IQ test ...

The Practical Application of Super-learning

Georgi Lozanov is the Bulgarian psychiatrist who proved you can put your brain into the state of Super-learning... the mental state that allows you to process, organize and recall vast amounts of information extremely fast.

In his studies, Lozanov showed that students can easily learn 500 new words per day, retaining 88% after 6 months!

Such feats have been demonstrated again and again by other doctors and scientists. Not just with improved memory. But also in the ability to solve complex problems, spark heightened levels of creativity, and enhance focus and concentration.

Thomas Budzynski, PhD discovered that college students who used brainwave training dramatically out-performed those who did not in both GPA and academic activities.

The results are so wide-spread and so profound, they cannot be ignored.

That's why hundreds of schools and universities around the world have integrated these methods into their educational systems.

Slowly, but surely, more people are turning to Brainwave Entrainment as a way to become more effective, efficient, and competitive in today's fast-paced society – without the pressure and stress typically associated with “trying harder.”

However, the findings are not just about increasing intelligence and “getting ahead.”

Note: If the science behind this technology intrigues you, there is a ton of information
available. Here's some of what blew me away. Plus, I've sprinkled in a breadcrumb
trail of surprises for you all the way to the end.

20 Studies Reveal Shocking Discoveries

Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) offers a myriad of benefits. That's why one or two studies can only give you a glimpse of its potential.

So to cast a wider net on the psychological effects of Brainwave Entrainment, in 2008, Tina L. Huang, PhD and Christine Charyton, PhD conducted a “review study” where they gathered the results of 20 separate studies on BWE.

They concluded...

“... BWE is an effective therapeutic tool. People suffering from
cognitive functioning deficits, stress, pain, headache/migraines,
PMS and behavioral problems benefited from BWE.”

What astonishing

Different groups of people were examined for various problems. Improvements were found among ...

... 4 out of 4 groups that examined attention


3 out of 3 groups that examined pain

... 3 out of 3 groups that examined migraines

... and it continued ... Of the studies that had specific conclusions, improvements were found in every single group for short-term stress, PMS, behavior problems, memory, verbal skills, and overall intelligence and achievement!

Now here's the kicker (two, actually).

This is an unaltered quote pulled from the review study:

“The immediate psychological effects of memory, attention, stress, pain and
headaches/migraines were shown to benefit from even a single session of
BWE. Many practitioners and developers of BWE tools believe that repeated
exposure to BWE will allow the user to enter the desired brain states

Did you catch that?

A single session produced immediate results!

Not after days or weeks, but from your first use.

Plus ... over time, entraining your brain becomes a skill ... where you can enter the desired brain state at will -- without any assistance.

Now think about this.

Imagine possessing a self-development tool that's:

Harmless and immensely beneficial

Scientifically proven to work the first time

Starts working in minutes

Gives you the power to enter meditative brain states at will

I don't know about you, but without all the science backing it, I might not have believed it.

Sounds like something out of the science fiction movie, The Matrix ... where the main character (Neo) gets a needle shoved into his neck and “downloads” the art of Kung-Fu into his brain in about 30 seconds.

Fortunately, Brainwave Entrainment and its mind-blowing benefits are as real as the head on your shoulders.

With all of the years of research and scientific data supporting this technology, I hope you are as intrigued by it as I am. (Although not all BWE technology is equal. More about this shortly.)

And by now, you're probably wondering how you can get your hands on this amazing technology for yourself.

The good news is I'm going to show you how to get the most advanced BWE technology for FREE.

But first, let me tell you a story ...

My name is Steven Johnson.

Through my twenties, I suffered with anxiety and depression. I had few friends, and I was uncomfortable in social situations.

I tried countless self-improvement seminars, books and audios. I took psychology courses and tried different meditation practices – motivated by the belief that relief could be acquired without drugs.

Few things helped. Any results were short-lived. But I did not give up...

I poured years of my life into research as I struggled trying to cope with the stress and strain of life.

Then, I discovered a book called Mega-Brain – New Tools and Techniques for Brain Growth and Mind Expansion.

This book spoke about how brainwaves effect our mental states ... and how with special instruments and tools we can alter our own brainwaves and change how we feel (as I've shared with you here).

The book and the techniques re-paved my entire life's path!

I learned that many people enjoyed fantastic success with entrainment, including notable doctors and psychologists.

So I experimented with various entrainment tools. Some worked great. Others, not so well. Yet through months of trial and error my life began to change.

I found I could relax for longer periods. I was more comfortable in my own skin. Worry and fear released its grip on my every thought.

As days passed, I caught myself initiating conversations in public – something I'd never do before.

And the amazing thing is that I never set out to be more open with people. It just happened! And I was okay with it. It felt good.

I learn that

Confidence and inner peace took up residence in my mind with only spurts of anxiety.

I became increasingly aware and in control of my own thoughts. I felt empowered from within. New drive and motivation sprung up inside me. I plowed through work with energy and focus.

My life was transforming before my eyes. And there was no turning back.

What started as curious tinkering had crystallized into a rock-solid case study of success. I had become living, breathing proof of the incredible power of Brainwave Entrainment.

I now felt a deep sense of obligation to use my experience to help others.

I decided to devote my life to ongoing research and develop the most effective brainwave entrainment system ever produced, so I could help as many people as possible to easily live a happy, balanced and joyful life.

From this vision, the Brainwave Research UK was born. It consists of dedicated professionals whose sole purpose is to develop tools anyone can use to easily make huge life changes in a very short amount of time.

Over the past 4 years, leaving no stone unturned, we developed

... a proprietary program: InnaPeace


Experience InnaPeace FREE!

Prove it to yourself and take the InnaPeace test
drive right NOW! Words are not enough to describe
how great you feel, instantly download your FREE
demonstration package and prove it to yourself.

InnaPeace is a series of CD-quality audio tracks with soothing sounds of nature and pleasant tones for relaxation and meditation.

Embedded within each track are multiple proven Brainwave Entrainment (BWE) technologies. These BWE components are virtually inaudible to the ear, yet harmlessly absorbed by the brain.

Each track also includes support material, a document which explains how to use the technology and what to expect at each stage.

The technology built into InnaPeace is so cutting-edge, it's unlike anything else in many respects. InnaPeace even includes some of Dr. Rife's famous healing frequencies, as well as technology from Nikola Telsa, which has never been done before in a program like this. More about this shortly.

Now here's an illustration of the brain before and after using InnaPeace technology. It shows the process of synchronizing the brain's activity into alignment toward whole brain thinking:

Brainwave Activity
Before and After Synchronization

Without InnaPeace
Normal Brain Activity
The levels of
Brain Synchronization
with InnaPeace
Unbalanced brainwave pattern characterized by limited brain performance. Vulnerable to stress, anxiety and
InnaPeace begins to synchronize both hemispheres of the brain in 7 minutes, allowing the whole brain to operate in harmony. As a result, your brain performs more effectively and efficiently, increasing your creativity, intelligence, awareness as well as your mental and emotional health.
Dark red represents more concentrated brain activity.
Dark blue represents less activity.

Image Enhanced for Illustrational Purposes

Each InnaPeace audio track is contains a different entrainment frequency, which takes you into deeper states of meditation as you progress through the program.

Much like you don't become an athlete overnight, your brain needs time to develop.

When starting an exercise program, your muscles, heart and lungs can only handle so much. You start slow and work your way up to higher intensity.

InnaPeace strengthens and develops your brain similarly, starting with the higher Alpha frequencies ... then deeper into Theta ... eventually even deeper into Delta.

The following chart shows the 4 mental states and their associated brainwave patterns as InnaPeace takes you deeper into meditation:


The Different states of Meditation
Simulated Brainwave Patterns Before and After InnaPeace

Without InnaPeace
Normal Person's
Brainwave Activity

For maximum effect, each track in the InnaPeace program produces one frequency that guides you into one of the meditative brainwave states at a time. InnaPeace in one of the very few programs that follow this science accurately, and therefore produces superior results.

As you enter the Alpha, Theta and Delta states, your brain naturally releases different combinations of hormones and neurotransmitters. These are biochemicals, which in many ways, dictate your state of health and how your feel.

Here's a brief explanation of the pleasures and rewards of these natural chemicals ...

In the first stage of meditation, Alpha, your Serotonin and Endorphin levels rise.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that controls your mood, pain perception and aids in memory and learning. Not only does it contributes to feelings of happiness, it enhances your focus and stimulates the Mozart Effect, also known as Super-learning.

Serotonin, in part, is responsible for the astonishing gains in memory, learning and intelligence produced from the studies of Dr. Siegried Othmer, Georgi Lozanov I mentioned above (among others).


Endorphins are feel-good chemicals produced during exercise, excitement, love and orgasm. They are your body's own morphine-like substance also released during pain to give you a sense of power and control.

Endorphins also produce the euphoric feeling known as “runner's high.” And it's relaxing properties literally dismantle stress within your body.

y-aminbutyric acid GABA

As you go deeper into Theta, you continue releasing Endorphins and Serotonin... plus... several more wonderful biochemicals ...

As you go deeper into Theta, you continue releasing Endorphins and Serotonin... plus... several more wonderful biochemicals ...

GABA is one of them ... a neurotransmitter that aids in relaxation and sleep. Perhaps it's most exciting function is the fact that GABA is a precursor to HGH (Human Growth Hormone).

This means GABA stimulates the production of Human Growth Hormone, which unfortunately declines as we age (when we need it most).

Some doctors say it should be called Human Repair Hormone, which more accurately describes its near-miraculous effects ... tissue repair and healing ... maintaining a healthy ratio of lean muscle to fat (it actually helps you melt body fat) ... and it has incredible anti-aging properties!

Human growth hormone HGH

Experience InnaPeace FREE!

Prove it to yourself and take the InnaPeace test
drive right NOW! Words are not enough to describe
how great you feel, instantly download your FREE
demonstration package and prove it to yourself.


The Stress Killer

In the normal waking state of Beta, your body produces the stress hormone, Cortisol.

In small doses, Cortisol is healthy. But if you're one of the growing number of people who are over-stressed these days, your body could be pumping out Cortisol in deadly doses.

If left unchecked, Cortisol overload can lead to high blood pressure, increase body fat, lower bone density and other debilitating ailments. And sadly, excessive Cortisol makes you age faster.

Fortunately, InnaPeace technology soothes your body and mind with its Anti-Cortisol effects.

You'll feel the stress dissipate from within you starting with your first exposure to InnaPeace. With continued use, your threshold for stress grows, allowing you to remain calm and centered in the midst of greater levels of turmoil.

If your life is currently burdened by stress, anxiety, anger or depression, you have a low threshold for stress.

Imagine your ability to handle stress as a tall, thin tower of baby blocks. One slight nudge, the tower collapses, and stress releases its painful blow ... you lash out, worry or fear paralyze you, or you break into tears.

Now, as you meditate with InnaPeace, your tower (your stress threshold) grows stronger. More blocks surround your unstable tower, steadily transforming the skinny, vulnerable structure into a solid pyramid–wide at the base, narrow at the top.

Now, a slight nudge (minor stress) goes almost unnoticed. Even a barrage of previously stressful events are no match for the fortress that now protects and fortifies your mood and renewed sense of well-being.

Your Stress Threshold Before and After Using InnaPeace

Without InnaPeace
Normal Person's
Stress Threshold

Shaky stress threshold
vulnerable to collapsing
under minimal pressure.
Unshakable stress threshold that stands firm
and pretects your inner peace.

How much better would you feel if your brain rewired itself to limit the release of stress hormones?

... and instead, your brain automatically trigger your body's natural relaxation response, so–even under tremendous pressure–you feel calm and in control?

Your Memory:
On the Rise or Decline?

Your memory, mood, and learning ability are affected by your production of Acetylcholine (ACh). As we age, ACh levels naturally decline, resulting in forgetfulness due to short-term memory loss.

This is far from the serious brain disorder Alzheimer's Disease, where ACh levels can drop by up to 90%.

Either way, wouldn't you prefer to defy age-related memory loss?

InnaPeace technology helps you fight the battle. It bathes you in the Theta state, known to increase ACh production in the central nervous system. Thus, enhancing and protecting your memory, your emotional state, and your ability to learn.

Here's what's even more exciting ...

The Longevity Gateway

InnaPeace technology also affects the production of two other important hormones related to longevity, stress and heightened well-being.

They are DHEA and Melatonin.

DHEA is a critical hormone because it acts as a precursor to nearly all other beneficial hormones (meaning it's necessary for their production). DHEA helps you fight off disease and slows the aging process. Conversely, low DHEA leaves you more vulnerable to stress, aging and disease.

In fact, according to a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1986, an increase of 100 micrograms per deciliter in DHEA blood levels corresponded with ...

... a 36% reduction in mortality!

Unfortunately, you produce less DHEA as you age (when you need it the most!)

The other longevity hormone is Melatonin. Not only does Melatonin aid in the quality of your sleep, it is known to be a powerful antioxidant.

It, therefore, acts as a one-two punch against aging and disease ...

  • As your body's natural sleep hormone, Melatonin greatly contributes to your body's repair and regenerative processes, which are so vital to your health and youth.
  • As a potent antioxidant, Melatonin combats the ongoing bombardment of disease-causing free radicals.

Like DHEA, Melatonin levels decline with age.

Fortunately, InnaPeace technology is proven to increase both DHEA and Melatonin production. And as a result, InnaPeace slows the process of aging, reduces stress and boosts longevity.

All by the simple act of relaxing as you listen to soothing audios! What could be easier?


Experience InnaPeace FREE!

Prove it to yourself and take the InnaPeace test
drive right NOW! Words are not enough to describe
how great you feel, instantly download your FREE
demonstration package and prove it to yourself.

Now, let's talk about the InnaPeace program and how you can experience it FREE.

The InnaPeace program starts with a 30-minute CD-quality audio track (an instant-download MP3) that immerses you in a pleasurable state of Alpha meditation.

You can use it to meditate for the 7 minutes it takes to enter the state of whole brain synchronization I discussed earlier. Or, as many people do, you can continue meditating for several more minutes to expand and deepen the effects of peace, tranquility, enhanced focus and concentration, and more.

The more consistently you follow a daily routine with InnaPeace, the faster you'll see the benefits expand into your life, as your brain rewires itself for enhanced clarity, a greater threshold for stress, and overall well-being and happiness.

After about one month of this effortless “exercise” of relaxation, your brain will achieve a higher level of “fitness” and you'll be conditioned and ready to go deeper with the next audio track in the InnaPeace program–if you choose.

Each successive track (8 total) takes you into deeper states of meditation (a lower brainwave frequency) exposing you to a growing array of benefits to your physical, mental and emotional health as well as a deeper spiritual connection.

With each track, you'll also receive a special support document with instructions on using the program ... what to expect with each track ... and how to maximize the rewards of each.

In addition to the 8 successive tracks, the InnaPeace program includes 7 special bonus tracks that deliver ...

... amazing NEW benefits I have not yet shared with you!

The 7 special bonus audios include:


InnaPeace Schumann Protection Kit
Two CD-quality MP3s (60 minutes) Value: $154

This set of audios was specially designed to help combat the harmful, even deadly effects of EMF
(Electromagnetic Field) radiation.

You probably already know that electric appliances and devices (hair dryers, cell phones, clocks, wireless internet routers) produce harmful radiation waves known as EMF. For years, science has linked EMF to cancer, leukemia, Alzheimer's, high blood pressure, reproductive harm, and numerous other diseases. In fact, many schools in Europe have banned wireless internet to protect children from the risks.

Laboratory research suggests EMF is so harmful because it disrupts the natural frequency (7.83Hz) produced by the earth, known as the Schumann Resonance.

Both the tracks in the InnaPeace Schumann Protection Kit are layered with this 7.83Hz Schumann frequency. And when played, these audios generate a protective barrier to help offset and shield you from harmful EMF radiation.

These 2 special audios are valued at $154, but they are yours free with your free InnaPeace trial.

InnaPeace Instant Creativity & Effortless Learning Package
Two CD-quality MP3s (60 minutes) Value: $154

Instant Creativity audio: Ever face a challenging task, project or problem, and you wish you could push a button that would flood your brain with creative juices?

Now you can. Simply press play, and let the soothing sounds and underlying technology of the InnaPeace Instant Creativity audio align your brain chemistry to trigger peak levels of creativity, problem-solving, and AH-HA thinking. This powerful track immerses your brain in a 30-minute 'bath' of the precise frequency proven to stimulate peak levels of creative thinking.

If your work, hobbies, school, or family life are constantly bombarding you with demands for creative ideas and problem-solving, this premium-quality audio is for you. It will rewire your brain to more easily conquer your creative challenges.

Effortless Learning audio: We live in a continual-learning society. Whether you're reading a book, studying for an exam, or enhancing your business know-how, you're putting your brain's complex capacity for learning to work. And until now, you've been using only a fraction of your brain's ability to learn, assimilate and retain new information.

Wouldn't it be nice to spend less time “trying” to consume and retain information? How great would it be to quickly etch new facts, concept and memories into your brain and recall them months later with near-picture-perfect accuracy?

That's exactly why we engineered the InnaPeace Effortless Learning audio track. Within the soothing musical tones, we've embedded multiple layers of the Super-learning frequency that's proven to make your brain fertile for enhanced learning.

As you use this special audio, you'll notice you become more efficient in your ability to take in and regurgitate new information. And as your learning curve shortens, your enthusiasm for learning soars, further enhancing your retention and thirst for knowledge. You'll gain a sharpened, unfair advantage over your colleagues, classmates or competitors (even over your old self), leaving them dumbfounded as to your new, unexplained intelligence. And you'll wonder how you ever got along without this amazing technology.


When you try InnaPeace for FREE, you get InnaPeace track #1, the Schumann Protection Kit, and the Instant Creativity and Effortless Learning Package at no cost to you (credit card required). That's FIVE audios worth a total of $385 just for giving it a try.

If you continue with the program, you'll receive the next deeper track in the InnaPeace program (one per month for 8 months, with the following special bonus tracks at month 2 and month 8) ...

InnaPeace Tesla Terra Tone
One 10-minute CD-quality MP3 (Value $47)

You may know Nikola Tesla as the famous inventor, engineer and father of modern electricity, laser technology, x-rays, wireless communication and more. Tesla also discovered a frequency associated with the pulse of the earth that delivers nurturing benefits to humans. Here at the Brainwave Research UK, we've embedded the Tesla frequency into this audio track for enhanced brainwave entrainment.

There's more. This track also contains rare technology that's often botched by others.

You see, Tesla Terra Tone contains a special 40Hz frequency that places your brain in the Gamma state, which I have not yet mentioned. Gamma is associated with experiences of ecstasy, referred to many as Nirvana, Samadhi, and Oneness. Gamma is an ecstatic state of consciousness achieved by those who have spent a lifetime practicing meditation. But by simply pressing “play” with this track, you can begin to enter this state in minutes.

IMPORTANT: Many audios that claim to be Gamma tracks are not. Here's why.

Most entrainment audio programs use Binaural Beat technology. However, many do not realize that Binaural Beats cannot produce frequencies above 30Hz. So if you've ever used a “Gamma” audio produced with Binaural Beats, it was a waste of time.

There are two other technologies that DO produce Gamma frequencies ... they are Monaural and Isochorinic waves. Both of which are used in this Tesla Terra Tone audio to bring you into this pleasant yet elusive Gamma state.

Unique Benefits of the 40Hz Frequency: While other frequencies affect only parts of your brain, 40Hz affects your brain globally. Normally, when you combine frequencies (for lack of a long-winded scientific explanation) they cancel each other out.

However, 40Hz has a natural way of enhancing other specific brainwave frequencies in Alpha, Theta and Delta, making them more pronounced and strong. Therefore, this all-inclusive audio enhances relaxation, concentration, clarity of mind, creativity, and focus. Extensive research has been done on this 40Hz frequency and its effects on the brain, including a paper by Marvin Sams in the Journal of Neurotherapy (1995) Vol. 1, No. 2.

Telsa Terra Tone is so powerful, you get far greater benefits in less time than other tracks. That's why we've kept this track at only 10 minutes. This makes it a great “quickie” meditation when you don't have much time. It can also be used to prepare you for a longer meditation with any of the other InnaPeace audios.

Tesla Terra Tone is sent to you along with InnaPeace track 2, thirty days after you get your free package.

InnaPeace Rife Healing Tones
One 30-minute CD-quality MP3 (Value $77)

In the 1920's Dr. Raymond Royal Rife (creator of the first high-powered microscope) achieved breakthroughs in the ability to heal the body, even cure disease through specific frequencies of sound, light and electrical pulses.

Unfortunately, his discoveries were “too good” because they threatened the survival of medical-related fields. In response, the American Medical Association (AMA) used its power and deep pockets to bury Dr. Rife's research and crush his career.

Some of Rife's research lived on. And today, hundreds of thousands of people around the world are using expensive machines to produce rife frequencies for healing and wellness. Only now (to avoid backlash from the AMA), people are using Rife technology with a quiet, unadvertised understanding of the benefits.

You can investigate Dr. Rife's work and pay thousands of dollars for Rife-generating equipment, or you can just press play on this InnaPeace Rife Healing Tones track and enjoy the incredible rewards for a tiny fraction of the cost.

This audio may be the most valuable in the entire InnaPeace library. And it's available to you with the InnaPeace track 8 – the final track in the series, which you receive at month 7. But remember, you are not obligated to continue with the InnaPeace program for any length of time.

What else makes InnaPeace different
than other similar programs?

Headphones Not Required

Many programs REQUIRE the use of headphones. Why? Because they rely solely on “binaural beats” to guide your brain into entrainment.

Binaural beats are ONLY effective when one frequency enters your right ear while a different frequency enters your left ear. For example, 18Hz in your right ear and 10Hz in your left. The difference between the two is the resulting entrainment frequency of 8Hz.

But binaural beats do not work on open speakers because there is no way to direct separate frequencies into each ear.

Result: no entrainment.

InnaPeace is different.

Our tracks are layered with Binaural Beats as well as two additional technologies ... Monaural waves and Isochronic waves.

These technologies are effective through headphones AND over open speakers. Why? Because the entrainment frequency is not produced by sending different frequencies into each ear.

Many scientists argue that Monaural and Isochronic waves are superior because they offer a higher level of entrainment than Binaural Beats.

And when played over open speakers, the science of cymatics goes to work, where your entire body absorbs the vibrations of the sound waves.

These open-air vibrations are the basis for the amazing healing effects of Dr. Rife's healing work.

CD-Quality Downloads

With InnaPeace, you get full CD-quality downloads. All our tracks have bit rates of 320Kbps (kilobits per second). This number represents the quality of the sound. The higher the number the better quality.

To put it in perspective, most MP3 music download websites (including the big names) deliver music at only 256Kbps, a noticeably lesser quality than our 320Kbps InnaPeace tracks.

Very few audio programs of any kind are offered at a full 320Kbps because the files are larger and cost companies more money in bandwidth fees. So they reduce the quality of the audios to save money.

But with Brainwave Entrainment programs, you need the best possible quality in order to maximize the effects and benefits you receive.

Other programs only offer their product via physical CDs. And while the sound quality may be high, you end up paying a much higher cost to receive the product in CD format.

InnaPeace gives you premium quality audio in an affordable format. And best of all, you can get the first part of the program absolutely free!

Your FREE Audio
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Here at the Brainwave Research UK, we're so confident you'll love the results you get from the InnaPeace program, we want to give it to you for FREE.

That's right, there's nothing for you to buy today. Instead, you'll get instant download access to the special package of 5 CD-quality MP3 audios (5 hours, 30 minutes in all).

You get these tracks today for free:

FREE: InnaPeace Track 1 (a $77 value)
... a 30-minute 12Hz Alpha meditation MP3 audio track that releases your brain's natural feel-good chemicals for relaxation, tranquility, focus, and more
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FREE: InnaPeace Schumann Protection Kit (a $154 value)
... two MP3 audio tracks (60 minutes each) to shield you from the harmful 'bath' of EMF radiation emitted from virtually all electronics and appliances
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FREE: InnaPeace Instant Creativity & Effortless Learning Package (a $154 value)
... two MP3 audio tracks (60 minutes each) to enhance your creativity and immerse your brain in the Super-learning state
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In exchange for this valuable $385 package, all I ask in return is that you provide a credit card via our Secure Free Trial Request Form here.

If you like them, do nothing. We'll send you the next deeper InnaPeace track each month for 7 months conveniently billed to your credit card for only $77 each (or for as long as you'd like to continue) – you can cancel any time, even before the first payment).

If you don't absolutely love the benefits you experience with your free 30-day trial, just let us know within the first 30 days. We'll happily cancel your membership, and you'll owe nothing, and you can keep everything just for giving InnaPeace a no-cost, risk-free try.

It doesn't get more fair than that! Take the 30 day FREE trial and get instant access right now!

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I'm so confident InnaPeace will completely change your life, I stand behind it with a no-questions, no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee.

Use InnaPeace every day or as much as you like. Let the proven technology rewire your brain and build new beneficial neural pathways.

Notice how peaceful, relaxed and mentally clear you feel after just one use. Enjoy your new sense of calm. Feel the stress and tension dissipate over the coming days. Watch as your focus and concentration sharpen and allow you to get more done without distracting mental chatter.

Enjoy the comments and questions from others as they notice the changes within you.

I insist that you are completely thrilled with how much better your life has become with InnaPeace. If it's not everything I've said it is and more, simply return it for a prompt and hassle-free refund of your purchase price.

No questions. No hard feelings. You get 100% of your money
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Steven Johnson (Director)
Brainwave Research UK

Imagine your life
a few short weeks from today ...

While the immediate effects of InnaPeace are impressive, the cumulative effects will astonish you.

As you use it, your brain and emotional fitness will continue to develop much like exercise develops your muscles. Countless new neural pathways bridge across both hemispheres of your brain. Your brain becomes more effective at pumping out beneficial hormones and neurotransmitters.

As a result, the old “you” fades into the past, as the new you takes its place.

Based on the results of thousands of others, here are some highlights from what a typical day may be like for you ....

It's morning. You wake feeling rested, refreshed and alert.

If you drink coffee or tea, you do so because you enjoy it, not because you need it.


Energized, you begin the work of the day (whether that's school, career, parenting, etc.). Your mind is clear and focused. You plow through your day with pleasure and ease because “whole brain thinking” has become one of your secret internal weapons.

Then out of nowhere – BLAM! – you're interrupted.

For you, this might be an irate client or co-worker unloading their emotional vomit upon you ... or a child screaming its urgent demands.

What used to twist you up in knots is now almost effortless.


Your new mental fitness instantly takes over and switches gears. With detached emotional clarity, you remain aware of your own composure while expressing empathy to the distraught person before you. As you engage, you emit a loving energy... a harmonious aura that quietly soothes their frustrations.

The situation is resolved leaving the other person almost as calm and at ease as you are. You take in one deep breath, and your brain plugs you right back into your work, focused and unflustered.

As your day continues, you notice yourself “smelling the roses” in new ways.

Simple things like the chirp of a bird, the smell of the air, or the pattern of clouds in the sky stimulate a new level of calm arousal... an appreciation that was previously deafened by busy mental chatter that no longer haunts your mind.

It's almost evening, and you've made sweeping progress on the activities of the day.

You sit down to dinner with your family or friends. Because you are more plugged into yourself and others, you bring a deeper warmth and liveliness that's welcomed by all. Your meal is decorated with smiles, laughter and the birth of new memories that penetrate your soul.

Life for you and those you touch takes on deeper meaning that you can feel. You receive unspoken, almost indescribable gratitude from the people you love and those you meet because you now connect more fully and openly.

As you brush your teeth, you reflect back in time to today. For a brief fleeting moment, you shutter at the thought of how exhausting life used to be. Then SNAP... you're back in the moment, smiling at how much you've grown in a few short weeks ... all thanks to your pleasant and effortless 10-30-minute meditation sessions with InnaPeace audio technology.

And as you lay your head upon your pillow at night, empty and still, you relax in the peaceful bliss that whispers you to sleep, “Life is truly good.”

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To a simpler more fulfilling life,

Steven Johnson

P.S. Remember, I'm giving you 5 InnaPeace audios worth $385 for FREE!

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  • FREE: InnaPeace Track 1
    ... a 30-minute 12Hz Alpha meditation MP3 audio track that releases your brain's natural feel-good chemicals for relaxation, tranquility, focus, and more
  • FREE: InnaPeace Schumann Protection Kit
    ... two MP3 audio tracks (60 minutes each) to shield you from the harmful 'bath' of EMF radiation emitted from virtually all electronics and appliances
  • FREE: InnaPeace Instant Creativity & Effortless Learning
    ... two MP3 audio tracks (60 minutes each) to enhance your creativity and immerse your brain in the Super-learning state

If you like them, do nothing. We'll send you the next deeper InnaPeace track each month for 7 months for only $77 each (or for as long as you'd like to continue – you can cancel any time, even before the first payment).

If you don't absolutely love the benefits you experience with your free 30-day trial, just let us know within the first 30 days. We'll happily cancel your membership, and you'll owe nothing, and you can keep everything just for giving InnaPeace a try.

You're also protected with our 30-day money back guarantee: even if you end up investing the $77 in InnaPeace Track 2 ... if you're not completely satisfied within 30 days, let us know and I'll promptly refund your money with no questions, no hassles.

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