Now experience the deep meditation
of Buddhist monks "often called the
happiest people on earth"...

Science has unlocked the secrets of meditations deepest states,
now through special audio technology YOU can experience
euphoric states
of meditation in only 7 minutes.

The proprietary audio technology guides your brain in to the exact deep brainwave states of the Tibetan monks (also known as the happiest people on earth)
Whether you are seeking an effective tool for reducing stress, improving your relationships, achieving more success in your career, or for revealing the ultimate truth of life within yourself, DEEP MEDITATION can be a vital resource for cultivating your personal freedom and enlightement.
No more discipline needed or new meditation techniques to be learned. Simply put on your headphones and let the audio technology meditate you.
You will begin to experience the meditation effects within just 7 minutes of listening. Fast, effective and easy to use.
The monks involved in these experiments all recorded high levels of GAMMA brainwaves when tested. This unique brainwave state is included in our audio files.
Nothing to learn, nothing to study, nothing to master. The special tones do all the hard work so you can just experience the deepest states of meditation.

What is the main benefit you want to
achieve through meditation?

Recent Research encouraged by the Dalai Lama has enabled science to record the exact brainwave frequenices experienced by tibetan monks during the deepest states of meditation.

The team at the Brainwave Research Institute have reverse engineered the discoveries of this research and have embeded the exact same GAMMA brainwave states in to special audio technology so that anyone with a set of headphones can experience the deepest states of meditation.

You can experience this right now with a free 10 minute demonstration by choosing your main reason for meditation in the box above.

The new audio technology guides your brain waves in to the exact GAMMA state recorded on the Tibetan monks so you experience the same euphoric feelings.
The Dalai Lama challenged the neuro-science community to discover easier ways to achieve the benefits of meditation, the Brainwave Research Institute responded!
The ground-breaking research makes enjoying the benefits of meditation effortless. Simply put on a set of headphones and enjoy the benefits.