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Brainwave entrainment is creating a revolution in human potential. Meditation is the golden gateway to personal growth and transformation, and brainwave entrainment makes the amazing benefits of meditation easily available to anyone. If you are considering Holosync, it’s worth reviewing it alongside the InnaPeace program.

There are many things to consider before choosing a brainwave entrainment product or program; among them, knowing the difference between a product and a program. A product is just the raw goods: the technology you receive as an MP3 download or a CD. A program is far more comprehensive... as you’ll see in a moment.

Of the many brainwave entrainment products available, two stand out as industry leaders because of their exceptionally high quality and depth of personal care they offer. All products make essentially the same claims - that you will become stress-free, more creative and intuitive, more relaxed and peaceful, more successful and even more intelligent. Most products do promote these changes in the brain, however with varying levels of success. Some technologies are simply more effective than others and there is no magic pill or magic wand for personal growth and transformation.

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Some things to consider:

How Much to Test Drive? The Upfront Cost

First, there is the cost to get started. Since you’re venturing into new territory, it makes sense to have the option of test-driving the technology before you purchase it. The industry leaders, InnaPeace and Holosync, offer different approaches. The cost to get started with Holosync is $179 plus shipping for the first level, and although Holosync does offer a money-back guarantee, it’s still a large upfront cost. The cost to get started with InnaPeace is $0.00: the InnaPeace free 30-day trial of the first meditation track ensures that you have ample time to experience the benefits without having to pay a dime.

All Technologies are Not Created Equal

Second, there is a difference in the technologies used. Most brainwave entrainment products, including Holosync, use binaural beats to entrain the brain to the desired meditative state. While this technology is very effective and has been the industry standard for decades, it does have some important limitations:

+ Headphones

The use of headphones is required because binaural beats cannot be picked up by the brain over open speakers. This limits your flexibility of use, especially if you prefer to do yoga as a form of moving meditation while you listen to a brainwave entrainment track. Also, if you don’t have high quality headphones, your entrainment may not be fully effective.

+ Cymatics or Whole-Body Listening

We listen with our ears, but we also listen with our entire body (this is the science of cymatics). Since binaural beat entrainment can only be created when different sounds are directed to each ear through headphones, they cannot be picked up by the brain otherwise. This makes whole-body listening impossible with Holosync. By contrast, InnaPeace uses two additional entrainment technologies, monaural beats and isochronic tones which can both be “heard” by the entire body - including the heart, which is, according to most spiritual traditions, the seat of the soul in the body.

Listeners report experiencing a profound state of bliss when listening to InnaPeace over open speakers. Cymatics allows for whole-body entrainment, producing an exceptionally deep level of meditation and much deeper entrainment than binaural beats alone.

+ Gamma

Another limitation of binaural beats is that they cannot produce the 40 Hz Gamma frequency. Gamma is the state of oneness and ecstasy, often called the “feeling of blessings.” The Gamma frequency is also the “master frequency” that enhances entrainment to other brainwave frequencies (Alpha, Theta and Delta) at the same time. Extensive research has been done on this 40Hz frequency and its effects on the brain, including a paper by Marvin Sams in the Journal of Neurotherapy (1995) Vol. 1, No. 2. Monaural and isochronic tones both generate the Gamma frequency - which means that you can access this state of absolute bliss anytime, with InnaPeace!

+ Longer Entrainment

The longer you can stay in the desired (specific) brainwave state, the more benefits you will experience. To that end, InnaPeace tracks offer a far longer period of pure entrainment (per listening) than the Holosync program.

Holosync uses binaural beats only. InnaPeace uses three different technologies in its precision-engineered entrainment matrix: binaural beats, monuaural beats and isochronic tones. The advantages of monaural beats and isochronic tones is that they both offer an even deeper level of entrainment, they can be listened to over open speakers, and they can produce the 40 Hz Gamma frequency. The result is a far more potent and flexible entrainment experience - called “three-dimensional” by some listeners.

Binaural beats are commonly used in the industry - but far more effective technology is available with InnaPeace.

What’s In It for Me?
Am I Getting a Product or a Program?

Third, do you want just the technology, or a more meaningful experience? That’s the difference between a product and a program? Many brainwave entrainment products offer nothing but the audio technology, and virtually no guidance or support for the changes you will undergo. You get the technology, and that’s all. You’re on your own.

The industry leaders - Holosync and InnaPeace - stand miles above the rest. They take brainwave entrainment beyond a mere product to a comprehensive program. Both offer outstanding free support from compassionate and knowledgeable coaches, professionals with a real dedication to giving you a meaningful experience as well as helping you reach your highest potential.

It’s important to note that one of the reasons support is necessary with Holosync is that the nature of the Holosync program can create tremendously intense emotional upheaval in many users, making it potentially unsuitable for people with a history of emotional difficulties. InnaPeace offers a more gradual, gentler process designed for optimal, sustainable personal growth. The InnaPeace focus is on growth, not management of upheaval.

InnaPeace also offers a free, private online journal packed with guidance and inspiration where you can chronicle your journey, note important milestones and record your “ah-ha” moments. Journaling is arguably the most powerful personal growth tool, and our online journal makes it easy to make daily entries. The entire program is based on promoting personal growth at a pace that makes it enjoyable to stay with the program while experiencing dramatic results.

Freebies and Goodies: the Bonuses

Holosync is expensive, but worth it. Many thousands of people have benefited from its life-changing product and world-class support. Holosync offers several excellent bonuses (CD’s and books) throughout the program, as well as superb personal coaching.

InnaPeace offers the highest level of professional support, a transformational product with meaningful supporting materials meant to enhance the personal growth experience, and bonuses that are available nowhere else.

InnaPeace is less expensive than Holosync due to our slightly different approach: simply, we believe that the benefits of meditation should be available to everyone. This is why we offer digital downloads as opposed to physical CD’s (which reduces the cost significantly).

You still get world-class professional coaching, as well as bonuses not available with binaural technology: the Rife Healing Tones, precise frequencies known to promote well-being, based on the research of Dr. Raymond Royal Rife; the Tesla Terra Tone, the magical 40 Hz. Gamma track; as well as the Schumann protection kit that helps combat the harmful effects of EMF radiation and the Instant Creativity and Effortless Learning package that will increase your creativity, learning and focus.

The Apples to Apples Holosync vs.
InnaPeace Comparison

Both Holosync and InnaPeace are world-class products (and programs) that have transformed the lives of many people. Many listeners prefer the more effective, flexible and gentle approach as well as the exceptional value of the InnaPeace experience.

Making the Choice

Ultimately, it’s important to choose a product that resonates with you - based on the left-brain nuts and bolts of what is offered as well as the right-brain intuitive “feel” you get.

Do your research, and then take the free InnaPeace test drive!

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