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Increase your productivity and efficiency with meditation

Tags: stress, antiaging

Modern life has become so busy that multi-tasking seems to have become a necessity rather than a unique skill. However, when you’re doing several things at a time, you can’t possibly do any of them to the best of your ability. It’s just not possible, no matter your intentions. You end up doing more, but the quality is compromised. But there’s a cure for multi-tasking and the inevitable drop in quality - meditation!

Meditation enhances focus, creativity, concentration, relaxation and mental faculties. A daily meditation practice will supercharge your mind.

  • You’ll be able to accomplish more, in less time because you’ll be able to focus on a task and tune out distractions.
  • You’ll spark your creativity by tapping in to your intuition and removing the stress and limiting beliefs that hinder creativity - use this creativity not only to create something new and wonderful, but also to become more effective at problem-solving.
  • Meditation clears your mind. You’ll be able to focus on one task at a time, knowing that you won’t have the energetic burden of carrying around unfinished projects, as well as the guilt that comes from doing less than your best (yes, this is largely subconscious but has a cumulative and very negative effect on you!).
  • You will become more energized and refreshed, and not fall victim to the fatigue that makes it almost impossible to concentrate.
  • You will learn to stop procrastinating since procrastination is caused by fear and stress.
  • You will learn to let go of non-essential activities that prevent you from taking your time and doing your best on the important things. The practice of mindfulness gives you great clarity on what is important in life and what is a complete waste of time and energy - and will help you break free from the time-wasting activities.
  • Meditation promotes a sense of peace and well-being, which in turn makes you feel good about everything you do. This increases motivation and happiness with everyday tasks.
  • You’ll gain fresh perspectives on life and on the activities you need to devote yourself to; new perspectives aid in problem-solving and reduce stress even further because you come to see that there are options.
  • Mindfulness (awareness and being fully present) makes it easy to enjoy what you’re doing. When you enjoy what you’re doing, you give your best effort. Best efforts have far greater rewards than efforts you give when your attention is scattered.

A 2011 study conducted by Harald Harung of Oslo University College in Norway, Yvonne Lagrosen, University West in Sweden, and Fred Travis, Maharishi University of Management in the USA showed that “high mind brain development,” a trait possessed by advanced meditators, professional classical musicians, world-class athletes and top-level managers, influences greater effectiveness.

This elite group’s brains are more highly developed than the general population - they display an eagerness to learn, they are open-minded, playful and calm. Their frontal lobe activity was very high (logical thinking and planning); their brains were in the alpha brain frequency often (details and coherence); and they tended to use their brain resources economically, meaning they were simultaneously relaxed and alert. They were able to focus easily and remain “in the zone” for extended periods.

By reducing stress and increasing focus, meditation will improve your productivity as well as your efficiency. Say goodbye to the ineffective practice of multi-tasking, and enjoy life at a more relaxed pace - and still get everything done!